“Shades of Light”

Hunter Page Photography

Landscapes, Outdoor Lifestyle, Fine Art Prints & Workshops.

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  While in natural environments I feel my best. I feel at home, I feel connected and content. When an area seems to call for me, I will immerse myself in it to learn more; how the weather interacts with the landscape, evidence of the transformation process, the flora and fauna, the aroma of pine or wet sand and the silence of snowfall slowly descending from above. All which deepens my understanding and settles me into the present.

   In these moments of deep awareness, I create my most meaningful work. As I grow, my work grows as well. My images reveal emotions, thoughts, feelings, with more intertwined. I believe that with the knowledge of my workflow you may see these qualities in my work.

  While backpacking, hiking, et cetera. I love to document my experiences. With my passion for outdoor gear, that has grown from attempting to reduce weight in the backcountry, I am constantly watching gear coming to market.

  Shooting for outdoor based brands has helped to pursue and finance my love for documenting my trips which, I gratefully am still able to do. If you're interested in hiring, contracting, licensing, or purchasing prints, email me at hunterpagephoto@gmail.com

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