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I am a Torrey, Utah based

Nature Photographer & Guide. 

I have been leading group and one-on-one trips, professionally for years; Guiding multi-day backpacking journeys into the deep wilderness of Montana, day hikes up mountain peaks or instructing landscape photography in beautiful Southern Utah. This is where my true passion lies. Through these years of experience, I have seamed guiding and teaching into one. Now, my guided photography trips stand alone as a great  experience of; exploration, wonder, interaction and knowledge-filled days. 

My work has been published throughout the web, campaigns, magazines and my photographs are showcased in offices and homes throughout the U.S.

Capitol Reef Photography Tours:

Because of my passion of teaching, instructing, guiding and learning, I made the decision to work for myself, which is precisely why I started Capitol Reef Photography Tours. I desired the flexibility to operate openly, without strict guidelines and to let my passion shine through the unobstructed lens of which I view. Every trip will be myself behind the wheel, which means every trip will be of the utmost importance. Join me on a knowledgeable trip into the desert landscape of my backyard!

More Information:

Back in 2017, my girlfriend and I moved out of our place and into her Subaru Outback. From that moment on, we have not lived in one spot for over a year and a half. We discovered the seasonal lifestyle that fit like a glove for what we wanted in life. 4-6 months of hard work a year and the rest we get to play. We continue to live this lifestyle and plan to as long as possible.

Hobbies: At a young age I started riding dirt-bikes and starting skateboarding. These were my main passion for quite some time but slowly faded away. Skateboarding is one that I am still very passionate about but tend to not participate in it much.

Once I grew older I took a liking to hiking, fishing, camping and just spending time in the mountains with friends. This led to backpacking which is by far my most time consuming of all passions... besides nature photography.  When I do go backpacking, the main objective is to get as far away from man-made objects as possible. I believe this is immensely beneficial for mental health, physical health and well, everything.

My Artistic Approach:

While in natural environments, I feel my best. I feel at home, I feel connected and content. When an area seems to call for me, I will immerse myself to learn more; how the weather interacts with the landscape, evidence of the transformation process, the flora and fauna, the aroma of wet pine or sand. All of these experiences deepens my understanding and comforts me into the present. In moments of deep awareness, I am able create meaningful work.

As I grow, my work grows and my style slowly morphs. I attempt to have my images reveal emotions, thoughts, feelings, with more intertwined. With the knowledge of my workflow you may see these qualities in my work.

If you're interested in joining guided trips, workshops, skype sessions, hiring, contracting, licensing, or purchasing prints, email me at hunterpagephoto@gmail.com , capitolphototours@gmail.com

Or call me personally 801-472-1202

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