Social vs Alone - A Balancing Act

  The majority of us who spend extended time in

nature tend to be introverted. I, myself, lean that

way. But after much time alone, I feel the need to

socialize. It is a constant tug-of-war between the


In my attempt to balance both, I usually

catch myself at what I consider the

"Overflow Stage" - after spending much time alone

or too much time around people. When this is the

case, I have a surge to shift the weight, like a

double-pan-balance. From an outside and logical

perspective it seems a healthy balance would

mean an equal amount of time between the two. I

for one, prefer more time alone. 

Final View

Post "Social Overflow";  I need to be alone. Completely alone. I don't want to hear a car, a snowmobile,

see a road or anything created by hand. I need the obscurity of a forest to take me over so I become it.

I need the silence of snowfall descending down to pin me to the earth. I need all that is made by time not

by hand.


And the opposite from "Solo Overflow"; I am tugged

into a bar, a party with friends, to stay up late into

the night and talk with people whom I may not

know. The pendulum swings far on each side.

I question if this balancing act is a good

balance; the constant shifting weight side-to-side.

Would it be healthier to change? Would I lose out

on something if I changed? It may seem futile to

some and myself at times to keep with my current

affairs. I am writing this as an open-ended

question. There are no true answers and certainly

not one will ring true for everyone. Just a thought

that may spark an interest.

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