When traveling to photograph fall colors, you typically aren't able to see the progression; beginning to end of the season. 

I have been moving to varies states or cities within the state for a few years. When living somewhere new; I can't get myself to travel to new location to photograph a changing seasons. The reason why is that I want to see that particular area for all the seasons.

The gallery "Layers of Autumn" was an idea I had to truly showcase the progression of fall colors here in Montana. Unlike most places in the U.S. Montana has many stages of color change starting from the ground up, literally. 

The fall season here doesn't just last a few weeks or a month, it lasts month(s). With each "stage" there are many variations of change happening simultaneous.

In this gallery I will provide an understanding of what it is like to be here for a full Montana fall season. To do that, I will be releasing about five (5) images bi-weekly into "Layers of Autumn"

When this gallery is completed; all the images in the gallery. It will showcase the beginning of colors starting to appear to when the colors start to fade.   

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