Releasing Sensitive Work

 We have all heard the term "loving a place to death" which could mean: an influx of visitation to wear

down the vegetation to unrecognizable terms. Or a similar negative production generated from

social media. As nature photographers, we inevitably have an impact on those areas and unfortunately,

usually for the worse.

 With this in mind, I ask the question - would you

release images of an area, which you know would

increase the number of others to go there?

(Of course there are several scenarios that would

help you make up your mind on that, for the sake of

the question generalize it and think on it). 

 I have come into this question after

being enamored and consumed by a fairly small

area. Everything about it clawed at my core;

the colors, the light, the uniqueness of the land,

the silence or even watching snowmelt work its

way through sandstone cracks like finding its way

through a maze. After revisiting day after day,

I naturally built a relationship with the area and

through that time, I created some very

personal and meaningful work. This makes it

difficult to release those images and place to the


"Moki Steps"

 I have explored countless thoughts to this conundrum. Some selfish and egotistical; what if someone

else discovers this area and shows it to the world first? When I return, I don't want to see anyone else. I

want others to speculate at the work I created. Also, convincing myself that it is ok to release them

because it's just a matter of time till it's discovered. Another thought; If I were getting paid to release this

work, would I then? And if that were the case would that depreciate my integrity? 

"Break Away"

 This big and impact-full question has risen many many questions and has been the most difficult one I

have faced yet in nature photography and for myself. It takes a true love for nature to ask these

questions. There is a real need to see these places uninterrupted and undeveloped. Our natural areas are

decreasing on a daily basis. If you can ask these questions to yourself, ourselves, perhaps there will

be more solutions to this serious issue.  

 Because of some reasons mentioned above and many more, I chose not to release four images in a

recent Gallery Release. Before the release, with it completed, something held me back. I started putting

my thoughts into writing which concluded the decision. With all said and done I did not to include

those images for pure reasons. For the sake of the land and nothing else. I do not photograph for

reasons easily explained, there are deep feelings and emotions that drive me to make photographs. The

exploitation of areas for personal gain is not and will never be on my list of reasons.

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