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Capitol Reef Photography Tours

We offer Daily Photography Trips into the pristine and seldom seen; Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. Available for every level of photographer. We provide a wide variety of photography experiences; from sunrise on high mesas, day trips into deep twisting canyons and everything in-between. These trips will not only show you beautiful landscapes formed over millions of years, you will leave each trip with a better understanding of everything photography. 

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Geography Masterpiece

Tours We Offer

Sunrise: This early trip will allow us to experience the park in all its glory! Beautiful golden light shining onto the sandstone cliffs and spires, while the Freemont River winds through the natural landscape. We will photograph the initial sunrise at two phenomenal locations.  Afterward, we will enter an area for a short and easy walk. These early mornings supply us with stillness in the park. 

   - Price: $249 plus pax

   - Duration: Three (3+) Hours 

Sunset: We will enter a secret canyon. The textures and light will be our focus early on. Photographing smaller scenes will expand your knowledge immensely. Slowly, we will work toward our sunset destination, photographing at a total of three locations. Here, we will witness and capture the essence of the setting sun upon precipitous 50+ million year old cliffs!

   - Pricing: $249 plus tax

   - Duration: Three (3+) Hours

Utah Badlands Sunrise: The Badlands are without question, as unique as a landscape gets. These bluelands - as there known, transforms into goldlands at first light! We will be standing near an edge with a jaw-dropping, expansive view of the desert world! With nothing obstructing the horizon, this area can have reds and oranges in the sky, while the badlands are getting bathed in golden light. This is truly, a spectacular sight!

Click here to view the Bandland Imagery

   - Pricing: $249 plus tax

   - Duration: Five (5+) Hours including driving time

Slot Canyons:  Get ready to experience what the desert is renowned for! Reflecting light bouncing off the sandstone walls all the way down to the sandy floor. These canyons showcase colors ranging from sun bright oranges, yellows, magentas to shades of blue, all naturally occurring. That is the magic of reflecting light only found in slot canyons! This type of light is by far the most exciting to photograph because it is constantly changing.

Click Here To View Slot Canyon Imagery

   - Pricing: $249 plus tax

   - Duration: Five (5+) Hours including driving time

Astro Photography: This area of Utah has some of the darkest skies in the world! The nearest towns, being a population of 220, is a designated Dark Sky town, so the light pollution is non-existent. After Torrey, the next nearest town is over an hour away! The stars can be so bright, that you can view the surrounding landscape purely from the bright stars! There is not another area that I have witnessed this. A true phenomenon! 

- Pricing: $249 Plus Tax

- Duration: Three (3) Hours

Custom Trips: I am completely flexible and am happy to accommodate anyone for any needs. If you have your mind set on a specific location, we can make plans to arrive there at the best time of day. We can improvise to create a great day of hiking or semi technical slot canyons mixed with photography or set down the camera and just enjoy the scenery.

Potential locations: Cathedral Valley, Strike Valley, Bentonite Hills, Muley Twist, Grand Staircase, etc.

   - Pricing: To be determined.

   - Duration: To be determined.

Editing Session: I am offering to complete the circle of the photography process. From in-the-field shooting to back at the hotel working on the post-processing/editing, to bring your images to life! This side of photography has been a fascinating process to learn and I enjoy teaching it. You will gain simple to advanced editing techniques and adjustments in either Photoshop, Lightroom or any editing software you have. The editing is when the images become more clearly yours.   

- Pricing: $80

- Duration: 1 Hour

Additional Price Information:

The prices indicated on each trip is for one (1) individual "Photographer".

If you have three (3) or more "Photographers" booking together you will receive a %10 discount off of your total.

If you book three or more trips then a 10% discount will be applied.

For every additional "non photographer(s)" a $50 dollar charge is added per person.

Max group size (5) With limited acceptions

Make your trip "private" for $149 plus tax

Gratuity is not included in the above pricing.

Cancellation Policy

8 days prior to trip: 100% Refund

5 days prior to trip: 50% Refund

Within 2 days of the trip: No Refund will be given

Due to weather, or an issue on my end, a full refund will be given.

100% Satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your experience a refund will be given.

General Overview Of Each Trip

Meeting: I will pick you up at your hotel or a destination we decide on. If you choose to drive separately, that is not a problem. I will email you a meeting time, trip duration and what to expect for the day, upon payment for the tour.

About The Tour: I don’t plan on just being the chauffeur; driving to great locations. I have been photographing and guiding professionally for years and I plan on improving your skills. With every one of these trips you can expect an in-depth lesson on all things photography; composition, lighting, camera settings and or post processing. Those of you with advanced knowledge in photography, I will focus more on locations as I am sure that is what you're looking for.

Feel free to ask all the questions you have had throughout the years.

Suggested Gear to Bring.

A DSLR Camera.

Full range of lenses from 14mm through 200mm is ideal.

A bag for your camera equipment. 

A Tripod is absolutely ideal.

Shutter Release Cable. 

Polarizing Filters.

Rental Gear:

Nikon is the brand of rental gear available

Nikon Camera - Z7 ---  $40 

Nikon  15-35mm --- $35

Nikon  24-70mm --- $35

Nikon  70-300mm --- $35

A Tripod --- $25

Bundle Deal --- $60

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Before Purchasing Please Note:

If you need to rent gear or plan on adding an editing session or want to purchase three or more tours, and or want to make this trip private, please wait on purchasing. I will create an invoice for you. We can communicate before purchasing as well.

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Below are reviews from previous trips that I have guided with Enlighten Photography in and around Zion National Park.

If you're in the Zion area I couldn't recommend booking with them more!


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