Extensive Information For Bryce Winter Workshop

February 6-9th, 2024

Limited to four participants 

$1,900 Plus tax

Meeting + Lodging

We will meet at the Ruby's Inn at 11:00am which is where we are lodging. It is located in Bryce City - just outside of Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. 

Hotel rooms are included. When we meet up I will grab the keys so you can unload all un-needed gear into your rooms. Shortly after, we will head into the park and start photographing. My vehicle will be available to anyone who would like to drive with myself. There is enough room for the whole group with camera gear.

-Each photography location is fairly close to the hotel so if anyone wishes to drive themselves in order to have more room, you may do that.- 

At Ruby's Inn there is a small grocery store which we can get snacks at for when we are out in the field. There is also a gas station across the street. Ruby's Inn also has a cafe inside for breakfast and dinner. There are a handful of other diners in the area with a variety of food option for dinner.


This is a loose schedule that can change on a dime depending on weather.

Day 1. We will meet at the lodging location - Ruby's Inn at 12pm on the 6th. Upon meeting we will get to know one-another over a cup of coffee. We'll grab the keys to the rooms, drop off our luggage and load up to go photograph sunset. Upon returning, dinner is an open arrangement. We may decide to all eat together or go our separate ways.

Day 2. Sunrise will be our main focus. Arriving at the location with our gear and much time to spare in order to walk out and get set up. During this time everyone will find their own compositions. I will walk around to answer any questions and assist. 

As the sun rises high and light gets harsh, we'll drive to the hotel or a cafe to grab coffee and warm up. We will head back out to photograph some forest scenes or hike into the interior of the park. Sunset will be close at this point which will be photographed from a desired location.

Day 3. Sunrise at a new and phenomenal location. Followed by warmth and drinks at a cafe. There is a high possibility of hiking down into the park in order to photograph up against the hoodoos mixed with snowfall. Especially so if there is dense fog present. 

Day4. This will be the last sunrise of the workshop. After some great time out photographing and some time getting warmed up at a cafe or hotel, we will pull out the computers to go over post processing. During this time you are welcome to leave or do anything you need to as this will summarize the workshop.

Clothing Recommendations 

* Set of Wool Thermals

* Long Sleeve Shirts (no cotton)

* Fleece Hoodie

* Warm Down Jacket or equivalent

* Hard Shell Jacket / Rain Jacket (outermost layer)

* Wool Blend Thick Socks (many pairs)

* Pants (not jeans)

* Rain Pants or Winter Pants (Waterproof)

* Quality Winter Boots*

* Neck Gator - wool or fleece

* Beanie * Gloves

* Micro Spikes

* Boot Gators (To keep snow out of boots)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - -  - - -

* Hand Warmers + Foot Warmers

* Headlight + Flash Light

* Micro Spikes - Crampons

Links To My Favorite Gear:

Winter Photography Gloves - https://www.camp.it/d/us/us/outdoor/product/3238

Wool Base Layers - https://www.minus33.com/collections/mens-wool-base-layers/products/katmai-mens-expedition-wool-bottom

Winter Boots - https://www.salomon.com/en-int/shop-int/product/toundra-pro-cswp.html#color=68048

Camera Gear

* Full Frame Camera (Preferably)   

* Full Range of Lenses - Wide Angle (14-35mm) Mid Range (24-70mm) Telephoto (70-400mm)

* Shutter Release Cable   

* Polarizer Filter

* Other Filters (if you use them)

* Sturdy Tripod 

 * Lens Cloth(s) 

 * Waterproof Camera Covers    

Flights/Traveling Here

The main closest airports to Bryce Canyon National Park are the Colorado Regional Airport and the Salt Lake City International Airport. From each of these airports you will have a four hour drive to arrive at the lodging location.

Airfare is not included in the pricing nor are any travel expenses. I am happy to help line you up with another participant to drive together and split those costs.

Additional Weather Information

Bryce Canyon's weather can change quite quickly and dramatically. These conditions are what make photographing here such a treat. With that said, for the months of December thru March temperatures do not rise much about 45 degrees. This weather won't be an issue in anyway unless you do not come prepared. 

Sunrise & Sunset Times

We will have long days of photography during this Winter Photography Workshop. Sunrise is at 7:30am & Sunset is at 6:00pm.

Breakfast & Dinner

There are a couple of diners and cafes in the area as well as a restaurant attached to our lodging location. Each morning we will have breakfast at the hotel either before we head out to go photograph sunrise or after. For dinner, we can decide on a location if you/we decide we would all like to eat together. This is completely up to you and I will not hold anything against anyone for spending this time alone. 

Physical Information

Each day will require walking with a camera bag full of gear. There won't be any extensive hiking involved, though there may be ice and snow on all paths which make for more strenuous travel. We will have crampons during these times in order to help with the slick ground.


I would suggest arriving in the area a day before the workshop in order to have some personal time to go out and experience the surrounding areas.  Arriving early will also allow you to get familiar with your camera - if it has been a while since using it.

If this sounds like a photography workshop you would be interested in contact me via email. Once I have received your inquiry I will send you a questionnaire that you will need to fill out. 



(801) 472-1202

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