Extensive Information for Fall Photography Workshop

September 27-30th, 2023

Four participants 

$2,400 Plus Tax

Meeting, Locations & Ending

We will meet to begin the photography workshop at noon on Wednesday, September 27th in the town of Loa, Utah - the nearest city to which we will be lodging. From here, each person will follow me while driving their vehicle onto Fishlake Mountain to arrive at our cabins in order to check in and drop off all vehicles.

My vehicle will be the main source of transportation throughout this workshop. I will be driving to and from each location daily. A fair amount of this time will be spent off main roads and onto dirt/gravel roads in order to arrive at each photography location.

This area of Utah is quite remote with little in the way of everyday accommodations. There is a small convenient store close by with a few items such as drinks and snacks. Though, the nearest grocery store, gas station and pharmacy are located in Loa which is 25 miles away.

Ending of Workshop

The workshop will slowly come to a close on the 30th around 1pm, after our sunrise and breakfast portion of the day. (Checkout is at 10:30am)

Camera Gear:

* Full Frame Camera (preferred) 

* Full Range of Lenses; Wide Angle - 14-35mm, Mid Range - 24-70mm, Telephoto - 70-300mm.

* Tripod with some type of Ballhead

* Polarizing Filters

* Shutter Release Cable

* Camera Backpack

* Waterproof Camera Sleeve 

* Extra Batteries

* Camera Battery Chargers

* Computer for editing & off-loading images (up to you)

* Multiple SD Cards

* Headlight & Flashlight

Clothing Gear:

* Merino Wool Base Layers (closest to your skin)

* Fleece or Wool Hoodie

* Down/insulated Jackets

* Rain Jacket & Pants

* Hiking Pants

* Hiking Boots

* Beanie

* Gloves (will put a link to a great set)

* Think Wool Blend Socks (extra pairs)

* Neck Buff

* Extra Shoes

* Hangout Clothing (for around your cabin)

Links to my favorite photography gear

Winter Photography Gloves - https://www.camp.it/d/us/us/outdoor/product/3238

I use these with tight/small knitted gloves

Wool Base Layers - https://www.minus33.com/collections/mens-wool-base-layers/products/katmai-mens-expedition-wool-bottom

Hiking Pants - https://coalatree.com/products/trailhead-pants


Day 1. We will meet in the town of Loa, Utah at noon on the 27th. Please have your daytime snacks/food/beverages purchased by this time. (There is a grocery store in Loa.) Upon meeting, we will get to know one another. After which we will load up into our own vehicles and drive up to Fishlake Mountain where we will be lodging. Because check in is not until 3pm we will go over where each cabin is located and who will have each one. (They are all walking distance from one another). When we have done that, we will load up all the camera gear into my vehicle and head out to photograph prime fall foliage throughout sunset. 

When we arrive back at our cabins, each of us will have time to get comfortable in our own cabins and get ready for dinner at my cabin. 

Day 2.  5:30 breakfast at my cabin. 

We'll photograph mountainous grand scenes surrounded by vibrant colors into the early afternoon. At which time we will (depending on weather) head to our cabins for some down time during the harsh light hours - 12-2pm or so. 

Once refreshed, the forests will be our bread and butter during these hours which will follow into great sunset locations of mountains and fall colors. 

There-after; cabins, dinner, sleep.

Day 3. 4:30am wake up call for breakfast. We will have about 1.5 hour drive to the sunrise location. You will need to be prepared to spend all day out photographing without returning to the cabins. The reason for this is that, this particular region is absolutely amazing which is why we'll spend sunrise through sunset here. - The forests are as nice as they get for fall photography. There is a nice lake with fall colors surrounding it and the views looking over the desert world are unbelievable.

Day 4. 5:30 breakfast followed by a new and phenomenal grand vista scene for our sunrise. This location is jam-packed with great compositions. We will use the full range of lenses here, 16mm to 400mm.

Checkout at 10:30am. Everyones gear can/will be put into my cabin at this time. Depending on the weather, we will get right back out to photographing or pull out the computers for some lessons on photo editing. This could last until 2pm but for those with travel requirements, people are free to take off whenever needed.

Lodging  - Included

Each individual will have their own small and cozy cabin. This contains two to three bedrooms, full size beds, a small kitchenette (without a stove or oven & limited appliances), bathroom, shower and heating. Each day, if requested, you can have new towels and linen brought in while we are out photographing.

Check in is at 3pm - Checkout is at 11am. Please be cleanly.

View the link below to have a full understanding of the cabin's.

Click here to view the cabins and policies.

Breakfast & Dinner

*Breakfast and dinner are included.

Each day we will have a freshly made breakfast and dinner prepared by a good friend of mine. This will be served at my cabin which is walking distance from your cabins. 

Flights / Getting Here:

The two closest and most convenient airports are the Salt Lake City International Airport and the Grand Junction, Colorado Regional Airport.  From either airport you will have a 3.5 hour drive to arrive here in Torrey.

If you would like to carpool with another participant, I will do my best to align that.

Food/Drinks You Will Need To Bring

You will be responsible for any food, snacks and drinks throughout the daytime of photographing. Recommend food; energy bars, sandwiches, snickers, packaged small doughnuts, nuts, candy, etc. Reusable Water-Bottle (Nalgene) Anything else you would like to have throughout the day.

You can purchase a small collection of Alcoholic Beverages at the convenience store close by.

Information I Will Need From You

I will need to know any dietary restrictions you have for our breakfasts and dinners.

Any physical or health ailments you may have and any additional information you may think it'd be wise for me to know.

Physical Info

There will be a fair amount of walking on this workshop. Each day we will walk around 2+ miles to arrive at the best locations possible. The terrain is fairly level but be ready for off-trail walking.

Sunrise & Sunset Times

We will have long days of photography during this Fall Photography Workshop. Sunrise is at 7:10am & Sunset is at 7:10pm. We will meet each morning at specific times in order to arrive at each location at specific times.  


I would suggest arriving in the area a day or two before the workshop in order to have some personal time to go out and experience Capitol Reef National Park. The color won't be happening in the low country but the scenery is always outstanding. 

Arriving early will also allow you to get familiar with your camera - if it has been a while since using it. 

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