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Southern Utah/Capitol Reef holds the key to every kind of adventure you could want or imagine! So what are some things to do in Capitol Reef? You can experience waterfalls in canyons, colorful clay hills (Bentonite Hills) that look like fruit loops, Utah's Badlands (Factory Butte) that look like another planet, Cathedral Valley - Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon that feels like you landed on Mars and so much more! There is no end to what can be experienced.

The question is, do you know how to get to these amazing hidden gems? Some of which require 4x4 driving, careful navigation and someone to understand the weather patterns of Capitol Reef National Park and the surrounding area. Are you going to spend the time researching, scouring over maps, reading blogs? Are you willing to do what it takes to find these stunning but hidden landscapes? Well you really don't have to... Why? Continue below to find out why.

As a Torrey, Utah local, a Utahn born and bread, I know this area like the back of my hand! I have been making multi-day to week plus long trips into the desert of Southern Utah for years upon years! Through so much time of obsession, I now know Capitol Reef National Park, The Wave, Bentonite Hills, Factory Butte, Cathedral Valley, dozens of Slot Canyons and so many more places that you have never heard of! These "other" places which easily compete with the beauty of the places I just mentioned!

Knowing where to go on the scorching hot days is a MUST! Realizing the limitations of upcoming weather is a MUST! Seeking out lakes and rivers is not an easy task in the Southern Utah Desert (especially the Capitol Reef area) unless you know specifically where, when and how to get to them and get into them.

How and where do you go to not see another individual? To get some peace of mind and feel alone in this life giving but life taking landscape. I'll tell you where NOT to go; Hickman Bridge trail, Cassidy Arch trail, Grand Wash trail, Capitol Gorge, Chimney Rock loop trail, Cohab Canyon trail or Panoramic Point or Sunset Point, all of which in Capitol Reef National Park.

This discussion and these reasons is why you should hire a Capitol Reef Tour Guide! Someone to lives in Torrey will be able to guide you all around Capitol Reef to the absolute best destinations! Not just for the scenic aspect but to escape the migration of people and the melting heat of the mid-day sun! I know the remedies of the summer issues of being in the National Park.  

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Capitol Reef Guides & Tours

There are many guides in the area that would love to show you their personal favorite locations! Each tour guiding company is locally owned by those who live here, those who love this area and chose to move here based on the aesthetics, stillness, beauty and solitude that Capitol Reef area provides. 

Guided Photography Tour

I myself am a Full-Time Landscape Photographer. I own and operate Capitol Reef Photography Tours.

I guide daily trips and on each one I emphasize instruction, like a condensed workshop. If you are an inspiring photographer, just bought a camera, a professional photographer or just have an Iphone and want to learn how to take great pictures, I have you covered!

Guided Fly Fishing

If you want to go fly fishing in some amazing scenery you may want to check out The Quiet Fly Fisher!

Jeep Tours

Or if you just want to take a drive around the park while local guides discuss the geology, history and geography, check out Sleeping Rainbow Adventures, Backcountry Safaris and Waterpocket Adventures.

When you're wondering about things to do in Capitol Reef, now you know!

The topic above covers adventure related things to do.

But what about where to eat? Or where to get a coffee?

Food, Beverages & More

Every small town holds just a few local places close to their heart! The locations when you walk in everyone working asks how your day is going or what you have been up to since they last saw you. They not only ask locals these questions but they also ask you, the traveler the same questions. They are sincere and curious. 

My all time favorite location to get coffee, breakfast or lunch is The Wild Rabbit! Everything I mentioned above applies here 100%!

If you love the coffee which I know you will, walk down two doors (in the same building) and buy a bag of coffee from SHOOKE Coffee Roasters! They roast coffee weekly in their small but quant space and they ship their coffee around the world! The "roast master general" will give you all the information you can possibly ask about roasting! 

If you're looking to eat the best burger of your life well, you need to seek out Capitol Burger! They operate in a food truck and can be found by Chuck Wagon or off the 24 in the heart of Torrey!

If you desire some delicious tacos after a long day of driving or hiking you can find Autenticos parked in front of The Wild Rabbit or at the bottom of the hill near the Noor Inn. 

On the hotter days of the year you may want to cool yourself down with some absolutely taste savoring ice cream from Color Ridge Farm & Creamery

When you're in a rush to get out of town but realize you need a coffee for the road ahead, stop by Sweet Grass Coffee Shop in Bicknell! They put on a live mic at the end of every month and the inside is decorated in beautiful art! 

I hope this answers your question of Things to do in Capitol Reef! I have laid out some amazing information for local guides, beverages, food and more! If you have more in-depth questions feel free to contact me via email or phone!

Email:        Phone: 801-472-1202

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